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silwy® magnet system

A hand-cast magnet is integrated into the base of our crystal and plastic glasses. The magnetic glasses stick to the matching opposite poles from silwy®, i.e. to the metal nano gel pads, the metal nano gel mats and the metal nano gel placemats. All pads, mats and placemats ensure a secure footing even in strong waves on the high seas, even though they are removable, washable and reusable. Pretty clever, right?

Another highlight are our metal strips, which literally turn your boat or yacht upside down. With the bar, which is permanently attached, your silwy® magnetic glasses can be stowed vertically or upside down - a real must-have for every BOATING fan!


The main items can be found in our online shop. A suitable offer can be made for products that are not listed!


Must-have for all boating fans

Ice-cold drinks from real crystal and high-quality plastic glasses on the high seas?
This is exactly what is possible with our patented magnet system from silwy®. Traveling has never been more relaxed, stowage has never been easier and boating gear has never been more elegant. It is not without reason that silwy® was awarded the GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD 2018. Whether glasses, cups or crockery, whether crystal glass or high-tech plastic - you will find the right product for your boat in our wide range!

Here is the product video!


Your advantages with silwy®

• High-quality & stable magnetic glasses

• 100% space utilization on your boat

• Glasses made of crystal & high-tech plastic

• 100% made in Germany

• Patented magnet system

• Must-have for boating

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