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TenderConnect - 
the special solution for dinghys


With TenderConnect you can moor your dinghy to the stern of the yacht in just a few minutes. In no more than two minutes, one person can fix the dinghy to the stern of the yacht to protect it from waves and wind, or remove it again. For sailing boats and motor boats from approx. 22 feet and a boat width from 2.5 m , this is not possible with the usual snap davits!  As the responsible distributor for Austria and Italy, we are at your disposal for questions and installation assistance!


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Are you looking for davits?

Consider whether TenderConnect is not the better alternative!

Fast pick-up, even faster lowering and optimal transport of a dinghy.

The best way to transport a dinghy on a yacht.

With TenderConnect you transport your dinghy at the stern of the yacht. Picking up, transporting and lowering the dinghy is very easy. Suitable for all yachts from 20 feet. Prerequisite is a relatively straight or slightly rounded tail and some space.

Customer opinion:

From my point of view, the system is currently the most unproblematic solution to solve the tiresome transport problem for yachts that do not have a dinghy garage. Among other things, it was important to us that the system could be operated by one person, including attaching and detaching the outboard motor (3.5 hp).



Quick and easy to attach and detach   

The foredeck is left to the crew

No obstruction of view through the dinghy on the foredeck or the cabin roof

Ship speed and ship handling are unaffected by dinghy transport

TenderConnect is the best solution for transporting a tender on a sailing yacht or motor yacht!

Your dinghy, your light jet ski or other small sports equipment that enriches the holiday with fun and joy, to save space on the stern of a sailing yacht or a motor yacht and to carry it with you - this is the new way of uncomplicated transport.

TenderConnect is suitable for all boats and yachts that do not have their own garage for the dinghy. These are usually yachts from 20 feet. We make it possible for all yachts to transport the dinghy easily and quickly.

  Dinghy can remain on the yacht, also in the marina  A light outboard engine can remain on the dinghy!  

Customer satisfaction and service is our top priority.

Contact us for additional questions or service offers. We would be happy to explain to you personally how and whether TenderConnect is also suitable for your ship. We would also be happy to create additional brackets or anchorages for you so that you can use TenderConnect on your ship.


The installation is very easy. Various holes need to be drilled based on a supplied template. TenderConnect is then installed on both the dinghy (the outriggers) and the stern of the yacht (the pickups) using screws and self-locking nuts. Please watch the following video. There is a lot of info you need.

Of course we are at your disposal for all questions. If more than two Tenderconnects are installed at your location, we can also do this for you.

Video in progress! Please contact us in the meantime.


We either install TenderConnect on your ships ourselves
or by our specially trained staff.

To carry out the installations ordered in the shop, we will contact you to coordinate individual installation dates. Please make sure to fill out the contact details completely. If necessary, you can enter a different address with the location of your ship as the delivery address.

If we should bring TenderConnect to your ship, please let us know briefly on the order form. We then do not deliver TenderConnect to your address, but take all parts with us to your ship.


scope of delivery

All the necessary parts for assembly are well packaged and very easy to assemble yourself with a detailed description and a little manual skill.

Mounting the bracket on the dinghy

Simply mount the brackets on the dinghy with the two aluminum arms. A detailed  drilling template is included to maintain the exact distances.


Mounting the recordings on the boat

The two mounts are then installed on the boat or bathing platform. These must be screwed through and screwed to the inside of the boat using a metal plate.

result on the boat

The dinghy can now even be transported effortlessly on a 22-foot motorboat. Even higher speeds of 33 knots are no problem for the Tender Connect, making it easier to take the dinghy with you. If you are interested in the product, information on installation, adaptation or modification, please contact us! We would be happy to help you or send you a suitable offer!


Here are some example videos of Tender Connect!

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