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LENI 19 - Italian tradition from "Grado"

LENI 19 is THE leisure boat with which you can travel in style in the romantic lagoons, on impressive lakes or even to work. Practical and compact, offers you Leni 19with a length of 5.98 meters the perfect solution for your relaxation in all areas.

Boat accessories Auer is the responsible dealer and importer of the LENI 19 for Austria and Germany. A current price list will be available at the beginning of March 2023. For initial inquiries, you will contact us directly by email.

Austrian premiere of LENI 19 at the Boot Tulln from 02.-05. March 2023!


We are looking forward to your visit!


The history

LENI 19 was just a project for years:


Their production was recent and made them a small star of our company. Even though

LENI 19 is still very young, her name is dedicated to two lovely women. The idea of nicknamed this boat

Giving "Leni" grew out of a story shared by two of our company members. Aside from the similarities that led them to work and run their business together, they discovered that they not only had two grandmothers of the same name, but also shared the same nickname! The shapes of our boats are born from the modification of the molds of the Cantiere del Tegheto shipyard, which in recent years have been improved and improved according to the needs of our customers until obtaining the final product

have been perfected. Whether it is about perfecting the form or looking for modern equipment, our technicians are constantly working to improve our LENI 19 and apply all their experience and desire for innovation to this project.

form and reliability

Our LENI 19 has been developed with the greatest care, ensuring its robustness and security. The shape makes ours

Boat versatile. It is able to accompany you both during work and in your free time. The hull of the boat LENI 19 is a

planing hull, allowing her to sail in shallow waters. Another structural

A special feature of our leisure boat are the reinforcements on the upper edge, which protect the upper edge with a rubber rubbing strip.

The "interior" of LENI 19 is large and well organized.

The aft storage compartment is designed for the fuel tank, your safety equipment and your personal belongings. The cockpit offers enough space for you and your passengers!

Another benefit of LENI 19 shows through the

absolute slip resistance when wet.


Standard equipment

2 cleats aft

1 cleat in front


Self-draining floor

Sealed floor lockers.

available extras

color of the deck

Personalization of the interior

hull color

Extended bow with flap

seat boards


water tank

Floor hatches that can be opened

Retractable cleats

Interior/Exterior Color

seat mats

1 pair of oars

Bimini stainless steel/aluminium

Electrical wiring as desired

Hydraulic steering


echo sounder

Synthetic teak

Fuel tank with fuel gauge

Technical specifications:

Length: 5.98m

Width: 1.90 m

Capacity: 6/8 people

Approval: CE category D

maximum motorisation: 40/90 hp

Double engine 2 x 40 hp possible!

Dry weight: 500 kg (Full optional stock)

LENI 19 can with a maximum engine

up to 90 HP can be equipped.

Leni 19 can according to customer requirements

be adjusted?

new promotional video!!

Leni 19 original product flyer "Download"

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