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We are the official dealer of Trac Ecological products for Austria.

Trac offers a comprehensive line of safe, non-toxic and biodegradable descalers, cleaners and degreasers for a wide variety of marine applications and Drew Marine has nearly 100 years of experience in chemical solutions for the marine industry. Together, Trac and Auer boat accessories will offer yacht and leisure boat owners even better access to our products, while providing an even greater range of boating solutions.

Trust us to provide you with quality dry cleaning products that are both cost effective and 100% environmentally friendly.

All available products can also be found in our Online shop!

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Barnacle Buster®

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Seaweed Remover


  • engine overheated?

  • Air conditioning not cooling?

  • Clogged pipes?


Barnacle Buster® is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable marine fouling remover specifically formulated to meet the industry need for fast, safe and cost effective alternatives to mechanical cleaning of seawater cooled equipment.Barnacle Buster® requires minimal disassembly and can be safely circulated through seawater cooling systems to dissolve barnacles, zebra mussels, calcium, rust, scale and all other mineral deposits. Most applications can be completed within 4 hours!

Barnacle Buster® can be safely used to remove marine growth from:


  • air conditioning and cooling systems

  • engines seawater cooling systems

  • heat exchanger

  • bow thruster

  • watermaker

  • sea mud flap

  • ship propellers

  • seacocks

  • pump

  • piping

  • ship hulls

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When should I use Barnacle Buster®?

As a general rule of thumb, a good preventative maintenance measure is to flush your engine once a year. This is particularly important for motors with flexible rubber impellers. Marine fouling is the most common cause of impeller failure.

Monitoring the temperature of your engine is vital. A constant rise in temperature of 5-10 degrees could mean that a problem is beginning to form in the cooling system. A flush before the problem gets worse can save you a lot of headaches.

In most engines, the seawater discharged from the engine is used to cool the exhaust gases leaving the engine. When this water flow is reduced, steam (or white smoke) will come out of the exhaust. One reason for this could be a clogged heat exchanger or aftercooler. Flushing the engine can prove to be an inexpensive troubleshooting method for the boat owner.


Result after 2 hours exposure time!


We at Bootszubehör Auer test products ourselves before we allow them in our range!

In advance, we have carried out various tests for you, the tolerability and actual effect of Barnacle Buster to prove. And indeed! Barnacle Buster is an optimal solution to decalcify and clean your heat exchanger, intercooler and other components of the seawater circuit in the installed state!

Engine seals, engine parts and painted surfaces are not attacked but perfectly cleaned! Limescale and even parts of mussels are completely dissolved within half an hour. We also have a video showing how Barnacle Buster recorded on shell parts.


Data sheets and applications:


Download Safety Data Sheet Barnacle Buster English: !click here!

Download technical data sheet Barnacle Buster English:!click here!

Download technical data sheet Barnacle Buster German:!click here!

Parts and boat hull cleaning with Barnacle Buster english:!click here!

Flushing the seawater circuit with Barnacle Buster english:!click here!

Current price list 2022:!click here!

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Beiboot TV!

Port-O-Flush Jr.®™



Port-O-Flush Jr.®™ is the smallest flushing device currently available on the market. Of the Port-O-Flush Jr.®™ is a powerful piece of equipment housed in a five-gallon pail. It is portable and versatile, yet capable of efficiently flushing small to medium-sized engines, heat exchangers, and air conditioning and cooling systems.

Of the Port-O-Flush Jr.®™Designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, TRAC is extremely easy to use. Tasks that would normally take you days of downtime can now be completed in an afternoon.

Why use Port-O-Flush Jr.®™?

Use Port-O-Flush Jr.® to heal:


  • Engine overheating

  • clogged pipes

  • Poor heat transfer in air conditioning and refrigeration systems

  • cleaning of small parts

The Port-O-Flush Jr.® is designed for use with TRAC's eco-friendly products. Careful attention has been paid to ensure safe operation to protect not only itself but also the facility.

Recommended area of application and possible uses:

  • Flush projects in the 1-20 gallon range

  • Engines up to 750 hp

  • Small air conditioning and cooling systems

  • Piping up to 1.5″ ID

The Port-O-Flush Jr.® ™ is available in:

  • 12VDC

  • 110VAC

  • 220VAC

Design features:

  • Five gallon high density polyethylene container with lid

  • Anti-corrosion, epoxy encapsulation, centrifugal submersible pump

  • Heavy duty Schedule 80 PVC fittings

  • Inlet and outlet isolation valves

  • (2) 6′ 5/8″ nylon reinforced hose with fittings

  • (2) 1/2″ NPT male nylon thread adapters

  • (2) 3/4″ NPT nylon male thread adapters

This device is to be used only with TRAC products. Use of any other chemical will void the warranty.



Data sheet Port-O-Flush Jr. German:!click here!

Flushing the seawater circuit with Barnacle Buster english:!click here!

Current price list 2022:!click here!

At Auer boat accessories there is also the possibility den Port-O-Flush Jr.® ™to rent for a certain period of time! For more information, please contact us directly! A price overview can be found here!Download price list 2022



A safe, pleasant smelling multipurpose cleaner. Spray it on and watch the most stubborn dirt dissolve before your eyes.T Greaser® uses a scientific formula that combines an emulsion cleaner with organic solvents for unparalleled performance with every dilution.

Super Concentrated: T-Greaser's concentrated formula allows you to adjust the dilution ratio as needed for the task at hand. T-Greaser is gentle enough for light and everyday cleaning jobs, but powerful enough for heavy-duty degreasing jobs. Because it contains natural ingredientsT Greaser® safe for the environment.

As with all Trac Ecological products, the development of T-Greaser®™ focus on the environment. This safer, high-performing, butyl-free degreaser incorporates the latest research and developments in biodegradable solvents, alkali builders, emulsifiers and cleaning boosters.

Why use T-Greaser®™?


  • THE ENVIRONMENT FIRST:100% biodegradable. Decomposes in hours, not years! non-toxic.

  • COST EFFECTIVE: T-Greaser®™is priced competitively with the inferior degreasers and still delivers an excellent product.

  • A SAFE DEGREASING AGENT:Contains NO petroleum products, phosphates, chlorinated solvents or toxic butyl cellulose.

  • FOOD SAFE:Approved by the NSFGrass substance per 21CFR 184.1769 for food and anticorrosive use.

  • FREE RINSE: T-Greaser®™Leaves no residue.

  • VERSATILE:Versatile: Quickly removes oils, greases, dirt, soap scum, mold stains, mud floors, grease, synthetic lubricants, preservative coatings, tire marks, inks, pigments and more!

T-Greaser 1.png

Data sheets and applications:


Download safety data sheet T-Greaser English: !click here!

Download technical data sheet T-Greaser English:!click here!

Download technical data sheet T-Greaser German:!click here!

Current price list 2022:!click here!


GreenClean Boat Soap®™


Suitable for the entire boat, this concentrated solution resists soiling and works without the use of harsh chemicals. Like all Trac products, theGreenClean Boat Soap®™formulated to be safe, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Efficiency has long been the hallmark of TRAC's green products, and oursGreenClean Boat Soap®is no exception. This highly concentrated boat soap requires no more than 1 capful per 1 gallon of water.

theGreenClean Boat Soap®™by Trac forms a rich foam that thoroughly cleans fiberglass, vinyl, teak, aluminum, paintwork, canvas, sails, bilges, windows, fish boxes and polished surfaces. It can be applied with a brush, sponge or soft cloth.


Why use GreenClean Boat Soap®™?


  • THE ENVIRONMENT FIRST:100% biodegradable. Decomposes in hours, not years! Non-toxic to humans and aquatic organisms.

  • A SAFER BOAT SOAP:Contains no petroleum products, phosphates, chlorinated solvents, dyes, fragrances or toxic butyl cellulose.

  • FREE FLUSHING: GreenClean Boat Soap®™Leaves no residue.

  • DURABLE:Works long after other products have been used up.

  • VERSATILE:Fast removal of dirt, salt crusts, mold stains, muddy floors, rubber marks and much more. GreenClean Boat Soap®™ contains no known harmful substances.

  • EFFECTIVE: GreenClean Boat Soap®requires only one capful per gallon of wash solution.

BoatSoap 1.png

Data sheets and applications:


Download Safety Data Sheet GreenClean Boat Soap English: !click here!

Download technical data sheet GreenClean Boat Soap English:!click here!

Download technical data sheet GreenClean Boat Soap German:!click here!

Current price list 2022:!click here!

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